Oh God Show Me the Way

Oh God Show Me the Way

Words and music by Saul Rubin.  Instrumental version from the release Zeb’s House. With:  Josh Evans, Frank Lacy, Lummie Span, Stacy Dillard, Brandon Lewis, Ryan Berg and Saul Rubin

I have fought a war within. A war it seems I just can’t win. The battle scars I hold inside my heart, I try to hide.

I’ve tried so hard to understand. The sun, the moon, the stars and sand. I see the light but look away, from love and death and pain.

Oh God show me the way

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    1. Thanks Ejaye, i was feeling very powerless and ill when I wrote this song. Sometimes we need to ask a higher power for help. I hope your friend will be OK> Love , Saul

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