Star Of Sympathy and Love

Composer – Thomas Chapin
Produced, arranged and played by – Saul Zebulon Rubin

On Dec. 15 my dear friend Terri Castillo Chapin passed away after a battle with cancer. She was the wife and soulmate of the late Thomas Chapin. Her mission since Thomas passed (at age 40 from leukemia over 20 years ago) was to promote his music and share it with the world. Her dedication to this cause was inspiring. He was one of the few musical geniuses I knew in my lifetime and a major influence for me.
During the 80’s Thomas had a group called Spirits Rebellious which I was a member of. His compositions from this period were heavily influenced by Brazilian music and especially the music of Hermeto Pascoal. This piece “Star of Sympathy and Love” is one of my favorites and I recorded it yesterday to honor both of them and the Star in the cosmos that has united them. Rest in Peace Thomas and Terri.

The ZEBTET Live at ZEB’S 4/21/2012

Sphereyes – A Tribute to Thelonious Monk

Stacy Dillard – Tenor Saxophone, Ben Meigners – Bass, Brandon Lewis – Drums, Saul Rubin – Guitar/Piano/Composer

Sphereyes – Saul Rubin Zebtunes BMI

Oscillator Ointment – A Tribute to James Brown

Oscillator Ointment – Saul Rubin Zebtunes BMI

Song For Theodore – Solo Guitar

“Song For Theodore” is a tribute to the great Theodore ( Sonny ) Rollins. Sonny is my friend and I had the honor of touring with him ( his last tour in 2012 ). He has been my spiritual mentor and our conversations were quite enlightening. Thanks for the inspiration.

Photo by Barka Fabiánová Taken in Prague 2012

Saul Rubin composer (c) 2017 Zebtunes bmi

Songs from – “Armageddon The Musical”

In 2010 I embarked on a musical theater piece with my friend Diana Feldman. Basically it was about the end of the world. Here are two of the songs.

Diana Feldman – voice / Saul Rubin – music


Happiness – The therapy song

Forever Somehow

Forever Somehow–Love song for the end of the world

Music by Saul Rubin / Lyrics by Saul Rubin and Diana Feldman

all rights reserved (c) 2010 Zebtunes BMI


Greetings ——Welcome to Zebtunes. This post is a collection of music I played and produced by myself over many years. Some solo guitar,  piano and self produced multi-instrumental (tenor sax, soprano sax, flutes, keyboards, bass guitar and percussion) works. Additional musicians: On Winds- MartyConfurious Bass , Neal Teffano additional percussion.

Compositions by Saul Zebulon Rubin ( zebtunes bmi) except: All My Tomorrows – Cahn/Van Heusen and Blame it on my youth – Levant/Heyman