ZEB’S House

New Release from Saul Rubin


ZEB’S was a fantastic vortex for great music in New York City.  From 2009 – 2016 founder Saul Rubin developed a multi use studio – performance space.  A community of great musicians performed, recorded and celebrated  there.

Featuring: Josh Evans – Trumpet/ Lummie Span – Alto/ Frank Lacy – Trombone/ Stacy Dillard – Tenor/ Roy Hargrove – Flugelhorn/ Ned Goold – Tenor/ Ryan Berg – Bass/ Ameen Saleem – Bass/ Neal Caine – Bass/  Victor Lewis – Drums/ Brandon Lewis – Drums/ Charles Goold – Drums.

This recording is a compilation of some of the last recordings done there with some of the most important  musicians in jazz.

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